Rom Buster debuted on the Pilot episode of FaM Monday Night RAW as a heel teaming up with Andy Badwool as The Straight Edge Society against the team of J2F and GuNNz. During the match J2F held Andy Badwool in a Surfboard Stretch submission hold and as Rom was about to break the move up, SvR 2010's targeting system messed up his attack and went on to attack GuNNz instead thus allowing Andy to submit in a very contreversial matter.

On the following episode, The SES interrupted the BH Lounge which was later also interupted by GuNNz's prescense, this set up a match between Rom and GuNNz with the stipulation being that who ever won the match would qualify to compete for the FaM World Heavyweight Championship in the Fatal 4 Way Battle Royal at The Royal Rumble.However after GuNNz left the ring, the SES attacked BlackHeron and began assaulting him, that is until the Emon ( who had already qualified for the Battle Royal ) came running to the ring and forcing both Andy and Rom to leave. Later that night Rom went on to win against GuNNz with the assist of an outside distraction by Andy.

At The Royal Rumble a scene was shown backstage were Andy and Rom began planning together to eliminate the other contestants in the battle royal to leave room for only the SES to capture the title. During the Battle Royal the 2 began working together and Andy eliminated GuNNz ( who attacked Emon earlier that night to take his place in the match ). The 2 continued on the work together and damage the other partcipant BH, however out of nowhere, Andy eliminated Rom intentionally via a Clostline, this lead to Rom holding a grudge against his mentor, however during the following episodes Rom continued to aid and acompany Andy in his matches.

At FaMniversary Rom was set up as the mystery Tag Team partner of the new SES member KillSwitch, both men went on to defeat the Skilled Foundation ( LS and X2s ) that night to become the FaM World Tag Champions

After Andy Badwool's departure from FaM, Rom was named one of the 2 new Leaders of the clan along side 2 Twisted Merk.

Rom debuted as the new SES Leader defeating new comer Poison at Cyber FaMday to retain the Tag Team Championship with a little aid from KillSwitch. However after the Match Poison's tag Team partner Roberto attacked Rom and KillSwitch. On the following episode, the SES were challenged by Stigma and Sander and the match was set up that night. Suspeciously the SES later announced in a backstage interview that a new member is coming to the stable and that he will be revealed ' VERY SOON... '. That very same night, Sander betrayed Stigma during their tag team match with and let Rom and KS take adventage on a weakened and abondened Stigma and win the match thus at the same time revealing that Sander was indeed the new member of the SES.

On the next RAW episode, after the 'new ' Sander was defeated by Stigma, both KS and Rom went to tje ring and assaulted Stigma. However the assault was cut short as Poison and Roberto arrived and made the SES escape the ring. On that same scene Stigma announced that he has formed an alliance with Poison and Roberto naming the stable " The Voices Of Destruction " and also announced that Merk granted their request into challenging the SES to a 6 men Tag Team Elimination Match at Survivor Series with the stipulation being that if the VOD won then Poison and Roberto would be granted a Tag Team Championship match at the following PPV : Extreme Rules.

At Survivor Series Rom and the SES were unsuccessful in defeating the VOD thus making the Tag Team Championship match for the following PPV official. The following episode Rom took part in a contract signing with BH and Tarantula, after the deal was signed KillSwitch attacked Tarantula and Rom announced a steel cage match between the 2 men for later that night. Out of nowhere the lights went out and when they went back on, Rom was seen crashing trough a table via a Swanton Bomb by Poison while KillSwitch was given a DFA ( Death From Above ) on the outside by Stigma. After the carnage, Stigma announced that Merk granted him another request for the following week were members of the 2 teams were going to square off again however being that the team that comes out victories would be able to choose the stipulation for the match at the upcoming PPV. The match between 2 members of each team took place the following RAW.


Commentator Rom with Sean.N

 As the match progressed KillSwitch was about to go out and aid his fellow SES members, but Roberto stopped him by delivering a chokeslam to KS on the ramp, the whole scenerio distracted the other 2 SES members for a short moment but it was enough for Poison and Stigma to take advantage out of and win the match. As a result they had the right to name the match type for their upcoming title match at Extreme Rules and Stigma wasted no time in making the choice for a TLC Match.

At Extreme Rules Rom announced that he has given his one half of the tag team championship to Sander as Rom stated that he was not able to compete in that nights TLC match due to him having to run the whole PPV because of Merk's absence due to injury. The SES would go on to retain the Tag Team Championship in the TLC match thanks to a controversial mis communication by Poison and Roberto. However all that Rom said was soon revealed to be a diversion as Rom would allow himself to enter the Elimination Chamber as the 6th mystery man to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the match Rom would eliminate fellow rival Stigma but would still come out short and later be eliminated. After BH defended and retained the FaM World Title in the Chamber, a returning Andy Badwool made his return and prescence felt in the chamber by attacking BH and hitting a Super GTS on the champion.

At the following RAW Rom Buster was seen backstage congratulating his fellow SES members on retaining the Tag Team Championhips. On that same scene Rom was then confronted by Andy Badwool, the 2 exchanged words of old comrades and wished each other good luck in their road in FaM, at one point Rom also agreed that the he prefers the old SES rather then the current one with him Sander and Killswitch, however the whole conversation was over heard by KillSwitch and was seen leaving the scene with an unsatisfied look. On the very same night, Rom Buster faced his bitter rival Stigma in a Falls Counts Anywhere match. The two men had an on going battle but at one point Stigma had Rom laying on the mat and Stigma climbed to the top rope to try to hit the DFA, however as soon as Stigma was about to jump, an angry and frustrated Roberto appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Stigma by his throat and chokeslammed him all the way to the announce table. As Roberto left the scene a dizzy and confused Rom went to the spot were the announce table used to be and took advantage and pinned Stigma thus ending their feud. Later that night BlackHeron and GuNNz began assaulting Andy Badwool after BH and Andy signed the contract for their title match at the Royal Rumble. As it looked like Andy was not even going to be able to make it to the Rumble, Rom came out and aided his fellow mentor against the 2 SF members. This then rendering Rom's status into a Tweener rather then a Heel.

At the Royal Rumble 2011, Rom was offered $10000 in a briefcase by BlackHeron in the condition that Rom will aid him in his match with Andy. As it seemed like Rom was about to accept the offer, he threw the briefcase away and declined with the words " We ARE STRAIGHT EDGE and WE are BETTER THEN YOU ! ". Later that night Andy and BH went to war in their FaMniversary rematch for the title, out of nowhere Rom Buster came out to the ring with a chair in his hand, the 3 superstars then had a moment of intense silence, but out of nowhere, Rom betrayed his fellow mentor as he threw the chair to BH thus allowing BH to use it on Andy and getting himself disqualified and retain the championship thus returning his status as a heel. On the very same night, Rom participated in the Royal Rumble match by entering in No.1. As Rom Buster began withstanding the first few participants, his fellow SES members arrived and all 3 of them began working together and cleaning house. After a few more participants felt the wrath of the SES, a debuting Maslingster made his monsterous presence felt as he dominiated the SES and managed to eliminate KillSwitch and Sander from the Rumble and weaken Rom with an F5. It seemed like Rom was done for but as soon as Dude was just about to eliminate the SES leader, Legendary Skilled and X2skilled, 2 members of the SF, entered the rumble and began aiding Rom Buster against Maslingster and the 3 managed to eliminate the monster. However after the elimination of Maslingster, the 2 Skilled Foundation stood side by side with Rom in the Rumble thus showing signs of an alliance between the SES leader and the SF leader : BH. As it seemed like Rom was guranteed the Royal Rumble win with the aid of the 2 SF members, Merk's brother : Merk617, debuted in the rumble. Filled with rage and revenge, he attacked and managed to eliminate the two SF members but however was then eliminated by Rom. The SES leader was the only man remaining on the ring as the rumble was just a mere fure moments away from reaching the No.30 spot ( who was earned by Walbashi after winning a 6 man Battle Royal on the episode prior the the event ). However as Rom was talking about how he was about to win the match by easily eliminating Walbashi, he was interrupted by Andy Badwool's music. Andy went rushing to the ring and began beating up Rom. As the final 10 seconds awaited for the no.30 entrant, Andy grabbed the mic and told Rom that he is not in the match but the following person is. A promo was aired and a returning 2TM made his way to the ring the 2 leaders squared off. As it looked like Rom had 2TM where he wanted him, Rom was about to hit the final blow on Merk with a powerful clostline, however out of nowhere Merk reversed Rom's attack and back body dropped Rom to the outside thus winning The Royal Rumble.

On the next Episode Rom challenged Andy to a match at FaMniversary II. During the challenge Rom cut a promo expressing his hate towards Andy and began pointing out the reasons why. Rom mentioned how Andy eliminated him at the previous year's and how Andy 'forced' Rom into wearing the SES attire and with that, Rom debuted a new attire and left the scene with the final words being " See you soon Andy.... "

On the next episode, Rom teamed up with BlackHeron against Andy and 2TM. Rom Buster's team would then pick up a win after BH low blowed Merk while the referee was distracted with the fight outside the ring with Rom and Andy. After the match, Andy clostlined Rom outside to the ring and threw BH over the top rope. On that very same episode, Andy was being interviewed with Walbashi, during the interview Rom Buster ambushed Andy Badwool and the 2 began brawling. At one point Andy threw Rom's head trough a car windshield but Rom managed to endure the hit and kicked Andy in the head and knocked him down. Rom began dragging a nearly knocked out Andy to the middle of the parcking lot, then Rom left Andy lying on the floor while Rom entered a vehicle. In just the nick of time, Andy managed to wake up and escape the intended run down by Rom.

At FaMniversary II, the SES lost the Championship to Team 187 ( Travis Patz and Stigma ), this lead a frustrated Rom to fire KS and Sander from FaM RAW thus ending the SES stable. Later that event, Rom debuted a new look during his entrance as he and Andy went to war. During the match Rom was about to hit a Super GTS on his former friend and mentor, however Andy managed to reverse the attempt and hit Rom with his version of the Straight Edge symbolised move and that was enough for Andy to pick up the win against his former protege.

FaM Brand Extention ( 2012 - Present )Edit

After a huge implosion inside FaM which caused Merk to depart the clan and start a clan of his own named AWoL. However Merk seemingly changed his mind about the whole ordeal and made his return to FaM on the FaM Christmas Special video entitled : *** [ A FaM Christams Gift For All ] ***

Merk returned with a new darker gimmick and cut a heel promo on FaM and on the fans.

Rom representing RAW & 2TM representing Smackdown

Rom & 2TM stare down.

 The promo was cut short when Rom Buster's music hit and went up to Merk and called him out. The two exchanged harsh words until finally Merk announced that he is bringing some of his former AWoL comrades to form a new brand in FaM : Smackdown!.

However Rom wasn't seemed to impressed as he also had an announcement. He announced that RAW will be having a 16 men tournament to crown the new World Heavyweight Champion ( due to Merk departing FaM with the world title that summer ). The two ended their promo with a stare down as the video slowly faded away.

RAW LEADER ( 2012 - 2013 )Edit

The third season of RAW started off with Stigma and Rom signing a LEADERSHIP contract in the middle of the ring. As Rom signed he said that he had forgiven Stigma about the pa

Rom & Stigma contract signing.

Rom & Stigma contract signing.

st problems they had last year and was ready to lead FaM with him. However as soon as Rom signed the contract, a raging out of control Maslingster came to the ring and attacked Stigma. Rom began demanding that Maslingster should leave as he began to help Stigma back on his feet. Suddenly Rom lifted Stigma on his shoulders and hit his leader partner with a Sleeping Pill trough the table. Both Rom and Maslingster began staring down at the beaten Stigma as they left the ring together. Later that night Rom aided Maslingster in his match against the debuting Outkast by throwing a chair to him and nailing it to Outkast while the ref was down. With the assist, Dude later picked up Outkast, hit him with the F5 and pick up the win thus allowing Dude to move up in the 16 men world title tournament.

Later that night, Rom was being interviewed backstage by an unknown figure. Rom then revealed as to why he attacked Stigma. Rom stated that he did what he did because he doesn't trust Stigma, he goes on to mention how the old FaM channel ( SvRxFaMx ) got hacked and taken down and on how out of nowhere Stigma got a leadership spot. But before Rom could finish his speech, the signal was seemingly disrupted and a 5 second promo was aired showing an un known individual with the infamous " StraightEdge " tattoo on his stomach. He would later turn his attention to SmackDown General Manager 2 Twisted Merk, who Rom presumed "killed" FaM, and would later challenge him to a match at Cyber FaMday. Merk would at first decline, but later accepted on the condition that the winner would become the General Manager of both RAW and SmackDown. Rom would then cut a promo that showed Merk arguing with BH and Rom about the way they lead FaM. Rom then proceeded to say that Merk no longer cared for FaM, as Merk played DC Universe Online everyday. This would turn some fans against Merk and slightly turn Rom into a tweener. Rom would later go on to win the match, but was attacked by the returning Andy Badwool after the match. On the following episode of RAW, Rom confronted Andy and challenged him to a "FaMniversay rematch". Andy then accepted, and Rom would go on to win the match, but was attacked by Badwool in the process. As Rom was being beaten, BH made his return to seemingly aid Rom, but would join Andy in beating down Rom.

On the next RAW, in a heated promo between Betrayal and Rom, Rom announced GuNNz as the new GM of Smackdown. This would lead to Betrayal challanging Rom and GuNNz at Survivor Series with the stipulation being that if Rom and GuNNz lose, then BH and Andy will once again become the FaM leaders. Later that night, GuNNz lost to BH in a steel cage match and Rom came to attack BH. This involved the two to have a brawl on the ramp but the fight was interrupted as BH threw Rom towards Andy as Andy swinged a chair across Rom's face.

With GuNNz being injured, Rom only had one person to turn to for partnership in his match with Betrayal at Survivor Series. This man was none other than his former partner, Killswitch. However, Rom would preform a hot tag, allowing Killswitch to hit the "Switchback". Andy, with such resiliance, was able to kick out of it, and hit the GTS on Killswitch. Killswitch, with the same amount of resiliance, was able to kick out of the GTS. Andy then hit another GTS later in the match. Rom, ready to save Killswitch, was pulled down by BH and put into a camel clutch, not allowing Rom to save his partner. Now Rom was left to fend for himself. That didn't stop Rom, however. Andy, about to hit Rom with a GTS, was reversed and Rom was able to hit the "Super GTS" on Andy. Rom then nocked BH to the ground, giving Rom the 1,2,3 and eleminating Andy. BH, getting up extremely slow, had realized what had happened. Rom then told BH to "bring it on". They were going back and forth for almost the entire match. Then later, just as Rom was about to hit his signature elbow, the lights were turned out and a mysterious man in all black made his entrance. Rom, distracted, didn't notice BH behind him. BH was able to connect with a powerbomb, but Rom still had enough strength to kick out. The mystery man and BH then decided it would be a good idea to beat the living hell out of rom with chairs. The referee was extremely reluctant to count the pin, but he had to do his job. BH and Andy then won the match and the masked man revealed himself to be Stigma. This would solidify Rom's Face turn as it would link the fact that Rom attacked Stigma in previous events in order to save FaM. Rom was then left bloodied and was taken out on a stretcher.

Return ( 2014 ) Edit

Rom Buster made his surprise return at the FaM Royal Rumble 2014 where he entered as the secret no.41 spot. Prior to his entrance, it was shown that had already taken out Roberto. With his eyes set on Betrayal who were the last 3 competitors in the Rumble match, Rom ran towards the ring and started cleaning house with all 3 members. He managed to first eliminated MK with a massive clostline sending the monster over the top rope. He then reversed Andy's attempt at a surprise attack and initiated a catapult knee facebuster sending Andy trough the middle rope.

Rom then started brawling with his main rival BlackHeron and managed to hit him with the Sleeping Pill and eliminate him from the Rumble match. However Rom continued calling out BH even after he had just eliminated him, this gave Andy enough time to grab MK's Global Championship and hit Rom in the back of the head with it and sending Rom over the ropes.

After realizing what just happened, Rom only stopped for a moment to soak in the disappointment before he quickly engaged to go after BlackHeron again.The two continued to brawl on the ramp until BH decided to retreat. This caused Rom to chase BlackHeron to the backstage.

Meanwhile Sean Nova shocked everyone by returning from his injury and eliminating Andy thus officially winning the Royal Rumble match.

Afterwards Rom is seen assaulting BlackHeron backstage, eventually tossing his nemesis trough a glass window. The show ends with BH laying motionless on the ground while Rom warns him with the parting words "He's coming back."

FaMniversary 3 - Present

At Famniversary 3, Rom had had a HITC match with BlackHeron in which he fell off the top of the cell and went on to lose the match. At the 2nd edition of WorldWide, Rom had made a promo about the new Gm which ended with the GM's lackey Darin attacking Rom. Then in Rom's match with Roberto, Darin attacked Rom which led in Rom winning. The next Worldwide, Rom would call out Darin to a match at CyberFAMday in which Darin would accept. If Rom won, He could fight the Gm at Survival for his leadership. Rom would go on to win the match which means at Survival, Rom will fight The GM for leadership.

At FaM Survial Rom's team against the GM's Team in a five on Five elemiantion match where if Rom's team beats all four members of the GM's team. Rom Buster fought the GM after defeating the return of his former SES member Killswitch. Rom Buster lost to the GM after the match Andy Badwool came out fight the ORIGINAL SIN. RANIK HAS RETURNED

Rom was offered to join his brother but Rom declined. He was put in a match against his former SES member Killswitch at Fam Pandora. Rom had the match won but the lights went out as he was struck with a steel chair by a man in hood. After the match the person revealed to be Rom's former SES memeber Sander. Rom ended drinking breaking his code to the SES.

However maybe he needs to get back fighting at FaM Royal Rumble he was one of the remaining 3 in the rumble with him, Nic Virtue and RAINK's newest member to his army Rafazo as the 40 entry to the rumble ended up being the returning GUNNZ who speared Rafazo eliminating him and Nic eliminating GUNNZ. Rom and Nic fought however with a GTS and a clotheline over the ropes, Rom has won the Rumble but he challenged his brother for the Title of General Manager so at FaMniversary IV Rom will fight his brother RANIK in a No Holds Barred match but there's a little stipulation to the match if Rom wins then his brother is removed from Power in FaM for good and he becomes the new General Manager but if Rom loses then his career in FaM is done, on October 7, 2017 at FaMniversary IV Rom Buster defeated Ranik by pinfall after a Pedigree over the second rope of the turnbuckle, after the celebration of his victory and due to an injury during the match, Rom has been taken out on a stretcher.