FaMniversary IV was the Fourth annual FaMniversary professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by FAM, twelve matches including only one wasn't official on the card took place at the event.

Promotion Forever A Movement
Sponsors The SmackDown Hotel and Fun Break
Game Series WWE 2k17
Date October 7, 2017
Commentators Romare and Norm
Theme Song "Watch Me" by The Phantoms
Event Results
No. Results Stipulations Times
1 Britmen Def Mafia, Resurgence and Skilled Foundation (C) Tag Team Turmoil match for the FAM Tag Team Championship 25:09
2 Lance Frisco Def Darren Dastardly FAM Contract Ladder match 11:36
3 Andy Badwool Def Sander and Killswitch Straight Edge Triple Threat match 09:26
4 Pandurinho Def Roberto (C) Hardcore match for the FAM Hardcore Championship 12:37
5 Darren Dastardly Def Pandurinho (C) Unofficial match for the FAM Hardcore Championship 00:20
6 Anarchymus Def Element (C) Singles match for the FAM Global Championship 13:05
7 Sean Nova Def Darin (C) (2/0) Best 2 Out of 3 Falls match for the CyberFAM Championship 01:23
8 Rafazo Def Gunnz Singles match 07:18
9 Gin Def Eve and Vikel (C) Triple Threat match for the FAM Diamonds Championship 12:19
10 BlackHeron Def 2 Twisted Merk I Quit match 21:33
11 Team Gore and Perkins Def Team Tom Cushnie YouTubers 7 on 7 Elimination match 25:16
12 Cameron Bash (C) Def Nic Virtue Singles match for the FAM World Heavyweight Championship 30:02
13 Rom Buster Def Ranik Carreer vs Leadership Anything Goes match 13:11