No. Results Stipulations
Pre Anarchymus Def Mr Siko, Walbashi and Ben MacKenzie 4 Man Gauntlet match, the winner advances to the FAM Global Championship final later on
1 Luke Monet fought Techno Tank Jr, Muffy E and William Kingdom in a no contest 4 Kings Ladder match
2 J2F Def Gunnz (6/5) 30 Minutes Iron Man match, each fall adds to a year of not being able to challenge for the world title
3 Maslingster fought Roberto in a no contest Extreme Rules match
4 Devil Def Maslingster (C) Pink Slip match for the CyberFAM Championship
5 Tubby Emu Def It'sMyYard Singles match
6 BlackHeron Def Rom Buster Hell in a Cell match
7 Resurgence (C) Def The Mafia Tag Team match for the FAM Tag Team Championship
8 SmackTalks Def The 101, CM Puma, Grim ToyShow, Tom Cushnie and Delzinski 6 Man Gauntlet match for the vacant FAM Global Championship
9 Anarchymus Def SmackTalks (C) Singles match for the FAM Global Championship
10 Andy Badwool Def 2 Twisted Merk (C) Singles match for the FAM World Heavyweight Championship
11 Andy Badwool (C) Def BlackHeron Singles match for the FAM World Heavyweight Championship