Promotion Forever A Movement
Sponsors The SmackDown Hotel and Fun Break
Game Series WWE 2k16
Date July 2, 2016
Commentators Romare and DNA
Theme Song "Suit Up" by Blue Stahli
Event Results
No. Results Stipulations
1 Elle Def Eve Diamonds Debut Singles match
2 Tubby Emu fought Grims ToyShow in a no contest Singles match
3 Cameron Bash (C) Def Devil No Holds Barred match for the CyberFAM Championship
4 The Skilled Foundation Def The Resurgence (C) Tag Team match for the FAM Tag Team Championship
5 Team YouTubers (Dilzinsky, Gore, Perkins, The 101, It'sMyYard, SmackTalks and Tom Cushnie) Def Team FAM (Sledder, Muphda, Lance Frisco, Luke Monet, William Kingdom, Rafazo and Anarchymus) 7 on 7 Elimination Gauntlet match
6 2 Twisted Merk (C) Def Death's Angel Singles match for the FAM World Heavyweight Championship
7 CM Pulse (C) Def Element Tables match for the FAM Global Championship
8 Team GM (Darin, Killswitch, Roberto, BlackHeron and Ranik) Def Team Rom (Nic Virtue, Gunnz, Cameron Bash, Andy Badwool and Rom Buster) 5 on 5 Elimination Gauntlet match