Promotion Forever A Movement
Sponsors The SmackDown Hotel and Fun Break
Game Series WWE 2k17
Date May 6, 2017
Commentators Romare and Norm
Theme Song "Remember The Name" by Melody Fall
Event Results
No. Results Stipulations
1 Lance Frisco fought Darren Dastardly in a double count out Singles match
2 Darin (C) Def Sledder First Blood match for the CyberFAM Championship
3 Vikel (C) Def Elle by via disqualification Singles match for the FAM Diamonds Championship
4 Ranik Def BlackHeron Singles match
5 Element Def CM Pulse and Grim ToyShow (C) Triple Threat match for the FAM Global Championship
6 Cameron Bash (C) Def 2 Twisted Merk Singles match for the FAM World Heavyweight Championship
7 Rom Buster won by last eliminating Nic Virtue 40 Man Royal Rumble match